I am available to speak at your club or function, if you like humor or Christian themes- all the better.  Topics and length tailored to your function, call for information. Ohio  Michigan and North Carolina CCW/CHL classes are available at one of my locations, NW Ohio or SE Coastal North Carolina.  All class items furnished, NRA members bring your membership number or an NRA magazine which will have your number on it. I have portable targets, bench and stands for shooting at your facility.  Candidates are encouraged to plan their own classes among friends and relatives for deep discounts (see pricing below).  Self planned classes can be at your location or at Inspired Shot. Students can take the class before 21 years of age but cannot apply for a license until their 21st birthday.  Pricing for 18 – 21 students is half the single student price.  Non Profit Organizations call for fund raising and grant opportunities. Credit Cards and PayPal are both accepted along with check, money order, cash or gold.

 CLASS                                     COST

Ohio Concealed Carry              $150 

North Carolina CCH                 $100

Michigan CCW                         $110

Self planned CCW for 4           $500

Self planned CCW for 6           $700

Self planned for 7-12           $700 first 6 add $100 each over 6  

NRA First Steps Pistol,
Shotgun or Rifle                         $60

NRA Basic 
Shotgun or Rifle                        $140

NRA Muzzleloading Rifle         $140

NRA Home Firearm Safety          $70  

NRA Personal Protection
in the Home                                 $100

NRA Refuse to Be a Victim          $50
non firearm personal protection and awareness class

4H or BSA private instruction first ½ hour free