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Ohio CCW Class

Since Inspired Shot started training ordinary everyday citizens on how to better protect themselves and the ones they love through Concealed Carry (CCW) classes, we have graduated hundreds of law abiding folks just like you making them more secure and self-confident in their ability to provide security and piece of mind we all deserve. In the last few years virtually every state has seen the wisdom in allowing concealed carry of firearms. High quality training has been the hallmark of this success.

We offer several types of classes at each of our 4 locations including Concealed Carry. This class in Ohio satisfies the requirements to obtain a CCW permit (Carrying a Concealed Weapon). The course includes mandatory classroom training with additional range practice completed in one day. We offer additional comprehensive firearm training for Toledo, Ohio and and the surrounding Northwestern Ohio areas which includes:

  • Basic Pistol

  • Basic Rifle

  • Muzzleloading Rifle

  • Personal Protection in the Home

  • Refuse to Be a Victim

  • Archery

Private Concealed Carry and other classes are available upon request. This includes all necessary items to complete the course including handgun rental, hearing and eye protection, target and ammunition and of course expert teaching by a certified instructor. Contact us by e-mail or call Joe Billian 419-265-3421 to make arrangements suited to your individual or group needs.

More and more people are coming to realize in today's world - a gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone - and the media rarely covers stories of criminals being thwarted by heroic citizens defending their families before help can arrive.

Hi, I'm Don Sayers CEO of Inspired Shot serving 4 different locations around the United States including Northeast Mississippi, Northwestern Ohio, Southeast Michigan and South Coastal North Carolina.

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Below you will find a list of our course offerings. To find a class date in your area [Click Here]

Mississippi Enhanced Permit Class$100
Ohio Concealed Carry Class ~ 8 Hours$100
North Carolina CCH$100
Michigan CCW$110
Self planned for 7-12 $700 first 6 add $100 each over 6
NRA Basic Shotgun or Rifle$140
NRA Home Firearm Safety$70
NRA Personal Protection in the Home$100
NRA Refuse to Be a Victim
non firearm personal protection and awareness class
4H or Boy Scouts of America ~ private instruction first half-hour free